"Big camp program, small camp feel"


MONDAY-THURSDAY         9:30- 3:00

    FRIDAY 9:30-1:00

  2021   Camp  dates

For boys entering pre1a,

first and second grades

our 19TH summer.........

It all started in the year 2002 when the Horowitz family opened our dear Camp Labyrinth's doors on a quiet street in Baltimore called- yes, Labyrinth Rd. It took just a few years for the camp to grow out of 3910- and down the block we went to the Community Kollel. In that quaint white building something aMAZEing was brewing. For years, Camp Labyrinth remained at the Kollel, but then the strangest thing happened: We moved to Park Heights!! It was summer 2015, and Camp Labyrinth found itself no longer on Labyrinth Rd. BUT the name is just too dear to us to let go of. It reminds us of our humble beginnings and proclaims- that no matter how big we might grow in numbers, we will always have that small camp feel from way back on labyrinth rd..

Camp Labyrinth was created for boys entering grades pre1a, first, and second, but now accommodates just boys going int 1st & 2nd. Bunks are split into small groups run by sensitive and capable counselors, giving every boy special attention that will bring out his best. We work tirelessly the entire year in order that our campers' few weeks of summer should be- well, aMAZEing!

Counselor Positions Available!

July 19 - August 13


Registration now open for Summer 2021!



     FREE LUNCH            PROGRAM-        hot lunch served to every boy, every day at camp! 

Office Address: 3910 Labyrinth Rd Baltimore, Md 21215                                                                              Whatsapp: +97258 - 442 - 4506

Camp Location: 6118 Park Heights ave                                                                                                        Email:


*What is the Counselor to camper ratio at Camp Labyrinth?

Bunks have 12 boys with 2 experienced and caring counselors

*Can I send my son for just a week or two?
Sure! Just be sure to indicate which weeks on the registration form. There is a weekly fee.

*Where do the boys go swimming?

We have a pool & water slide at camp, and we take the boys to an in ground pool 1-2 times a week, depending on their age group!