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SUMMER 2020....

just wait and 'see'!

Sports 'N Games

Talk about energy! There’s nothing like a good game of soccer to get it all out- well, most of it! The boys enjoy many different sports and other games like various tags, kickball, gaga, and the balloon game, just to name a few. While the games build skill, they also create an environment to teach and practice team spirit and caring for one another. 

Swimming & Trips
Camp Labyrinth’s water activities vary according to age. The younger boys enjoy a pool and waterslide on site, while the older boys leave camp twice a week for a swim in a large in ground pool. We also take the boys on weekly outings to exciting and interesting places. For some examples, check out our trip schedules from last 4 summers!

iT'S ALL ABOUT THE BOYS! Camp Labyrinth aims to provide a varied program where each CAMPER can blossom and enjoy a summer of fun and friendship in a safe and caring environment.       aDVENTUROUS.        aCTIVE.       A'MAZE'ING.


Activities and Crafts

To balance out the sports and active games, we like to mix in an assortment of crafts and indoor activities. Many of our boys appreciate the detail and the feeling of accomplishment after completing a challenging craft. 



What a better way to start off each and every day than with the beautiful tunes of the siddur. The boys bring their load of energy right into the camp room and express it first in their davening. The older boys then learn Chumash with their counselors (under the direction of R’ Horowitz) to prepare them for the next year at school, while the younger boys sing Torah songs and hear stories about the Parsha. 



Schedule coming soon!!!