Office Address: 3910 Labyrinth Rd Baltimore, Md 21215                                                            Whatsapp: +97258 - 442 - 4506

To register for Camp Labyrinth 2021, please complete and submit the registration form linked to this page. Once received, we can process the form and notify you of your son's acceptance. Please note that acceptance to camp is on a first come first serve basis. We ask that you read our policies carefully before you continue with the registration. 

If you have any questions at all, feel free to contact Aidel at or WhatsApp +97258 - 442 - 4506


While we cannot possibly know what the situation will look like by the time the summer rolls around, we are asking that you understand that your acceptance to camp depends on the possibility at that time. As we get closer to the summer, we'll update you as to any relevant changes.

Payment Policies:

***Full session camp fee: $500
***You are required to pay for the full camp session unless you indicate which weeks your son will be attending on the registration form. Please understand that by signing up, you are taking a place that can potentially turn another boy away. The camp fee of $500 is all-inclusive; there is no separate cost for registration, supplies, transportation, or lunches/snacks. 

***For those who plan to send for part of the summer, the weekly fee is $130. We do not charge daily. 

***Please make sure that the complete payment is sent no later than July 1. Checks can be post-dated until August 13 (the last day of camp). Send payment to Horowitz- 3910 Labyrinth Rd, Baltimore MD, 21215. Please make sure thatALL PAYMENTS ARE SEALED IN A CLEARLY LABELED ENVELOPE WITH YOUR SON'S NAME AND AGE GROUP.  If you'd like to Zelle or Paypal payment, please be in touch. Thanks.

We’re looking forward to spending the summer with your wonderful boys!